This is a slide from a recent project that I think is a good demonstration of seamlessly integrating PowerPoint content and graphics with photos. We developed from a script, so no design was done before our design team created the presentation – but I can easily see something like this being the “standard” PowerPoint slide:


Here is the TLC Creative Services slide for the presentation:

Complete Slide Message 2

Here is the development process for the complete slide message:

1. Review script, understand message, outline needed slide content to support message.

2. Research images, or develop image. For this slide we used this stock image:


3. Develop a cloud graphic in PowerPoint to animate and carry the message.

4. Use a combination of PowerPoint shapes and custom shapes that will become our PowerPoint cloud:


5. Turn all of the shapes into a single cloud using the MERGE SHAPES tool:


5. Adjust the color and fill/outline options:


6. Add the text (direct in the cloud shape):


7. Final step is to add an animated entrance effect:


Download the final slide here: CloudData

– Troy @ TLC