We have been told ‘An image is worth a thousand words.
Maybe it really is ‘A 1,000 words on a slide is boring!

I use images a lot. They can be to accent text, or be the entire slide. Back in ancient history (10-20 years ago), we did lots and lots print design and spent lots and lots of money on royalty free images on photo CDs. If you don’t remember those days, it averaged $300-500 for a disk with 20-40 images based on a theme. A disk was usually purchased for 1 or 2 images and we hoped to be able to use other images on future projects.

Today we have a huge number of online, royalty free image sites – plus flicker, google images and even Microsoft Online. It’s does not cost much to design highly visual layouts now. So I spent a week and pulled together some information on the image sites I like and use on a regular basis. I made some notes about likes and dislikes and did the exact same image search at all to compare the results.

For the balance of September I will list a different image resource with each post, hopefully you can discover a few new ones.

– Troy @ TLC