Poll Everywhere is an audience response system (ARS) that we have used at TLC Creative for many years. LiveSlides is from the same company and it’s core mission was to “embed any website seamlessly in PowerPoint and Keynote slides,” which does very well.

I think it was mostly used for adding YouTube videos, social media feeds (which was a great option), interactive maps, and polling. It offers an impressive list of integrations where it can get content from all of these sites into PowerPoint slides:

Alas, Poll Everywhere has announced LiveSlides is being retired.

But for those of us that are Poll Everywhere users, it is not a bad announcement! The macOS version of Poll Everywhere already includes all of the LiveSlides features. The Windows version has some of the integrations and I am hopeful it will be built out to include them all as well.

More info at the Poll Everywhere website.

Troy @ TLC