The Logitech Spotlight remote is more than the standard presentation remote. It has a sleek, minimalist design, and has an app that offers a lot of other useful tools to the presenter.

The remote comes with a charging cable and the quick charge feature works in 1 minute, giving the remote enough power for 3 hours of use. A full charge takes as little as 60 minutes, and can last up to 3 months. Installing the software is a breeze and I got it up and running in less than 5 minutes.

After install, the app will guide you through how to use the remote, but it’s pretty intuitive on its own. The standard back and forth buttons can be configured to do much more, like fast forward, blank out the screen, scroll, adjust the volume, or a even custom keystroke.

We set up the remote to control the computer volume when holding down the next button. Like a smartphone, it uses the up/down motion to change the volume level – which could be great during a presentation that has embedded video or music.


The top button on the remote is where almost all of the software features are triggered.

During a presentation, click and hold the top button, then move the remote to “point” where a very nifty Zoom bubble is on the screen. This allows a presenter to zoom in and highlight anything on the slide. The app also offers customization for the zoom, like making the highlight area bigger or smaller, adding a color circle, or even adjusting the fade out around the circle.


Among the other software tools is a timer function that the presenter can set and the remote will vibrate at certain markers, like when only 5 minutes remain on the clock. There are several other fun tools and features and definitely a remote any presenter should consider as part of their setup.

It is just over $100 and more details on the Logitech site here.

Troy @ TLC