PowerPoint’s Morph (transition/animation effect) and Zoom (new custom shows) have had an amazing adoption rate and become something we use in projects on a regular basis. The addition of support for both effects on mobile versions of PowerPoint has happened fairly recently.  Amber on the TLC Creative Presentation Design Team created a fun, small file size, sample presentation setup with Morph transitions and Zoom custom shows for us to test and see how they work on our mobile devices.

Use this link to download our test file and open on your mobile device to see if Morph and Zoom are included/working on your mobile version of PowerPoint – Download test PPTX file here

After downloading, it is important to open with Microsoft PowerPoint on the device, not a PowerPoint viewer application. For iPhones (IOS), this means click-and-hold the file name to bring up a list of applications it can be opened with. Select the Microsoft PowerPoint icon.

Download > click-and-hold to select “Copy to PowerPoint” > the mobile version of PowerPoint opens > Presentation opens > click the Play icon to view as a slide show.


Here is a quick video capture showing the visual effects that should be seen on the mobile PowerPoint apps.



Troy @ TLC