I really enjoy the projects that are continuously flowing in. One reason is the variety; different clients, different visual needs, different requests. But as I look back over just the past 6 months or so, the big difference has been the variety of output needs. All of the projects revolve around PowerPoint, but PowerPoint is just the stage for creating the final product. I have some thoughts on that, but I will save those for later.

As information to think on, here are five of the projects that I have had within the past few months that all start with PowerPoint, but end up as something else:
1. Convert a PowerPoint presentation and provided video clips into a technical training DVD. Playback on consumer DVD, distributed around the world to train employees of a major Cruise line about the new safety doors and gangways being installed. The PowerPoint slides provided the technical content. Video clips demonstrated each step of the process.

2. Sync PowerPoint presentation with live video taping of presenter and convert to an online webcast.

3. Convert a PowerPoint presentation into a kiosk mode display for a tradeshow booth.

4. Convert a themed countdown timer presentation to a movie format for playback from a beta tape.

5. Create a themed announcement presentation (company logo, press event time, company slogan, press event time, etc.) into a looping DVD. Only the DVD was left running in between events.

Of course over the same months we have had plenty of the traditional speaker support presentations, templates, custom animation and clean-up projects too. But the world is changing and from my perspective the way PowerPoint is being used is evolving too!

Troy @ TLC