TLC adopted Office 365 before it was publicly available and have only good things to say about its use in a small business environment. Recently something has gone awry with the SharePoint calendars – something we rely on daily.

Up until 2 weeks ago, they looked like the left example, but suddenly the visual formatting changed to the ugly and hard to use right example.

But this formatting issue is only seen when using Internet Explorer. If logged in with Firefox, Chrome or any other browser, nothing changed, all looks good. So ironically, only the Microsoft web browser seems to be rendering the Microsoft SharePoint calendars useless!

After some research and testing, here is the fix we have implemented on every computer here:

– Open Internet Explorer
– Click the TOOLS icon in the upper right
– In the ADD THIS WEBSITE field, enter
– Click ADD and CLOSE
– Now SharePoint calendars should once again display as expected

– Troy @ TLC