Corporate meetings have continued to expand the use of super wide screens and projections.

TLC Creative Services has worked on several design templates for events throughout the year where the standard 16×9 PowerPoint leads the design. Once the design is approved, we move into creating the UltraWide template using PowerPoint. The layout of Ultrawide projections can be 40ft high to 250ft wide!

These events are a group effort; we work closely with the AV production team to know the technical specs before developing the UltraWide template. For this particular show, we had two widths built in, the active pixel (visible to audience) and full pixel width (for the slide/computer sizing). We also had IMAG (Image Magnification) or live camera of the presenter. PowerPoint doesn’t control IMAG, but it is important to plan the design to visually fit.

Ultrawide projections 1

Here’s a video to show an example.


-Troy @ TLC