“Streaming” means part of a file is being played while the rest of it is downloading in the background. When you click “play” on a movie, webcast, or audio file initially a small portion of the file is downloaded. While the initial portion is playing, the next portion downloads in the background. The process continues until the entire file has been downloaded.

So the big question is how do you convert a PowerPoint presentation to a streaming format that downloads the fastest? No matter what software is used, or what format is chosen, the overall goal of creating streaming media is to throw away data that is not needed.

There are lots (and lots) of variables in how to decide what is thrown away, what software to use, what format to create, etc. First, there is no one answer or way to create the “best” streaming media. The reason is developing streaming media is all about compromises. How much data can be thrown away while maintaining needed quality? What is the needed playback size? What is the best format for the intended audience? What is the connection speed of the audience? Based on the answers to all of these questions we figure out what process to develop our streaming media in.

– Troy @ TLC