Video in PowerPoint has been growing fast over the past 4 years. The number of people experiencing video issues has surprisingly not grown a tremendous amount too. In just the past few years, the number of variables that need to align for a video to successfully play in PowerPoint have also grown.

With so many video related questions filling my in box and seen on the forums, we have created a reference chart that provides quick answers on if a video should play with the computer setup. It also makes it easy to identify the key attributes for your computer setup that should be included in any troubleshooting request.

So what are the variables? For a video to play on a slide is a combination of the Operating System, installed CoDecs, version of PowerPoint, and video format used. Cross referencing each of these variables is tedious, confusing and difficult to find all in one place.

To remedy a lot headaches and wasted time, I am very happy to finally provide a download link to the “PPT-OS-and Video Format reference chart” (and the designers here at TLC Creative Services that have been gathering and testing each of the variables over the past 2 months are very happy too!).

Download the PDF here.

Side note: Attendees to my webinar on “Video in Powerpoint” at yesterday’s Outstanding Presentations Workshop were the first to see and be able to download this, and I walked through all of the information in the reference chart – just a benefit of attendance!

– Troy @ TLC