This project was for a university program. They needed a template that integrated their school colors, but was lively-energetic-modern-cool. That was the direction provided and from there I was able to go in any direction. I developed 5 concepts and this was the one selected.

The template also used a custom font, which was installed on all presentation computers vs. embedding in the presentation. It featured 3 master slides:
1. Title slide
2. Content slide
3. Full Frame slide

The full frame layout is unique in that generally this style master slide removes the title bar to allow room for images/charts that need the full frame. In this template the title are is actually defined by the absence of the content area. So the Full Frame slide has the content area extended, creating a full canvas for content.

Of course there is a lot of competing visuals with a template like this. The background is full of contrasting, dominant shapes. It has a definite flow that draws the eye across the slide (from left-right). Lots of small text could easily become lost. And this would not be first choice for “standard” corporate template.

For this project I was provided the full (raw) presentation before any design work began and was able see the type of content. Because the content was large, minimal and to-the-point (eg. no inserted 200 cell excel charts or 20 bulleted lines) I was able to go with a more dominant and visual template design.

Here are few slides from the presentation:

– Troy @ TLC