If you have boy, age 6-12, you a probably familiar with Secret Saturdays. This is a new cartoon series on Cartoon Network and with my 3 girls I was forced to enjoy some research watching several episodes to get in touch with my inner adventurous boy before developing this marketing template.

Working with entertainment properties, especially animated properties, is great. They have all the visual assets needed. And they are all high-res and layered (so no background).

For this project I assembled all of the characters into good and bad. Then selected the most vertical poses and went to work in Photoshop to create my layouts. The key characters (the good guys) are on the left, remain a constant throughout all master slides and positioned just far enough off the slides to not interfer with the content area. The background is a great line drawing the characters overlayed on the primary background color (pulled from the style sheet). And there are 4 master slides:
1. Theme (used at beginning and end of presentations)
2. Title slide
3. Content slide
4. Full Frame slide

Definitely not your standard corporate template – and I bet these presentations are more fun to sit through!

– Troy @ TLC