Brightslide Selection Pane Shortcut

This is the final day of the shortest month of the year. A short month kind of means shorter number of work hours for projects. After working on complex slides for the past few days, I am indebted to the Brightslide team! These 2 buttons have literally saved me 3 hours this past week!

When I first played with these tools on the Brightslide toolbar a few years ago, I was dubious of them. They seem too simple. Select an object on a slide, click the left icon and it activates the Selection Pane view to turn off, or hide that object. The right icon is the Selection Pane, show all – e.g. show everything that was hidden or turned off.

Eventually both of these buttons made there way to spots on my QAT, which is the core of my formatting workflow in PowerPoint. This past week working on complex, layered content slides (think vector maps where each state or country is a selectable object with overlays to animate on to have the map follow the talk, and then overlays of “map pins” to further support the talk). The ability to not need the Selection Pane open, scroll up and down it to find the object to hide has saved hours of my production time – just in the past week!

Kudos, and thank you to the Brightslide PowerPoint add-in dev team!

Troy @ TLC

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What is a PPT File ?

I have been doing some video editing and was adding from Adobe Premiere templates for effects. I had not noticed this before, but an Adobe “Premiere Pro Template” file is also labelled “PPT”! PPT of course being a PowerPoint file in my world. Ironically, this is also becoming an outdated term as it refers to the now legacy file format .ppt (now .pptx).

Troy @ TLC

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2023 Holiday Survey (again)

Because I created the post last week (Dec 24) and the results image was not included – oops. Here are the results of the TLC Creative Services holiday survey, and the opportunity to still participate!

Let us know your holiday picks to the survey questions. Use this QR code to open the survey (it’s all anonymous and not tracked, just fun).

Troy @ TLC

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PowerPoint – and Luxury

As my final blog post of 2022, I had to get this image somehow. PowerPoint is our company and it is so much more than just “PowerPoint”. But everyone now and then, PowerPoint is big (like the top image of Lori running presentations TLC Creative designed for a 32′ screen) and luxury (like the bottom image with Lori showcasing the personalized monogram bed pillows while at an event!).

Troy @ TLC

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