Summer Hiatus

The PowerPoint Blog is going to pause through the summer and resume in August (of this year!). At TLC Creative Services we are happily busy. And we are busy with finalizing a major roll out of a new virtual meeting service and Meeting Planner tools, which is a big time commitment on my part. I have a list of blog posts to write up, but not enough time to get to them right now. So I am doing an official pause on blog posts through the summer months (June and July).

Have a great summer! See you in the Fall!

Troy @ TLC

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The Presentation Podcast – episode 174!

The PowerPoint app available today has gotten better and better over the years. It is an amazing application with features and uses. BUT that is not to say PowerPoint is perfect – or that there are features that are asked for – or there are existing features that need fixing. There are. And this episode, Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about those missing and not complete features, knowing there is no expectation that anything beyond having a great conversation is the end result.

Listen here.

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