Start 2022 with a podcast on Presentation Design Predictions!

2022 has just begun, and the very first week of the new year, Troy, Nolan and Sandy are sharing 5 predictions (each) of what they see as trends in the presentation industry for 2022. All based on their client requests, what’s happening in the presentation world, and hunch’s (eg. this is not scientific, survey results or anything measurable!). Listen in for a fun conversation about (possible) trends in the presentation industry for 2022. Listen here!

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TLC Creatives’s Top 10 of 2021

2021 has overall been a very good year here at TLC Creative Services. Here is a quick slide deck the team created (thank you Amber!) exported as a video showcasing our Top 10 2021 highlights.

Everyone here at TLC Creative Services is looking forward to 2022, and hope 2022 is looking great for you!

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Teams – Presenter View Grid View

While presenting in Teams via PowerPoint Live, there is a grid view of your presentation so you can see an overview of slides. To show Grid View, you can click the icon in the toolbar under the slides or use the short key G to bring up.

The important thing to know if the audience continues to see the current slide full screen. They do not see the slide sort, or Grid View. In grid view the active slide that the audience is seeing is highlighted with an orange outline.

As the presenter, you can click any slide to make that the active presentation slide (eg. go out of order). Or click the X in the upper right hand corner to close Grid View and continue presenting the current active slide.

Troy @ TLC

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Podcast Release! “2021’s Top 10’s”

Today releases the final Presentation Podcast episode of 2021! Troy, Nolan and Sandy are saying goodbye to 2021 and each compiled their own Top 10 of 2021 lists. What made the list? PowerPoint features, a client, a specific project, an add-in, a trip – book – or presentation? Listen to it HERE.

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