First Podcast Episode of 2024!

As we start 2024, The Presentation Podcast is looking back at 2023, specifically favorite presentation project, non-PowerPoint project, podcast episode – tech tip – guest, and more! Join Troy, Sandy and Nolan for this great podcast episode! Listen here.

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The Presentation Podcast Releases a New Episode Today!

The Presentation Summit wraps up 2023 with a recap of The Presentation Summit season. This year the Summit was held in two separate events, making it a unique year for the venerable event. Nolan, Sandy and Troy were all at the onsite event, and each joined the virtual sessions. Join to hear them compare notes on the Presentation Summit sessions, venues, speakers and more. Listen here.

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Dr. Carmen Simon on The Presentation Podcast!

Don’t miss episode 187 of The Presentation Podcast for a conversation with Dr. Carmen Simon on how presentation information is retained by attendees!

There is a science to the art of presentation design. Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk with Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Carmen Simon about presentation information retention and her latest study findings. Listen here!


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Lots of BIG LED Walls

Ending the month with a few photos of an amazing event I was part of last month. All content has been removed from these amazing floor-t0-ceiling, curved layout LED walls that created an amazing event. Presentations looked amazing spanning this canvas!

Troy @ TLC

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving for those of us in the U.S.!

The fun and timely note about this post, and image, is I leveraged Microsoft’s newly released Windows OS Co-Pilot. I entered the prompt “Create an image of a Thanksgiving turkey giving a presentation.” 4 image options offered, all created by Dall-E-3, and the above is a royalty-free, good resolution (original image was 1024x1024px), creative and something no else has.

Troy @ TLC

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New podcast episode!

Troy, Nolan, and Sandy dive into a conversation around defining what a Presentation Design is, by title, description and area of expertise. Listen here.

Plus, this conversation invites everyone to join via an open to all, anonymous Slido poll! Use the QR to add “what is your Presentation Design one-liner, or elevator pitch, answer is when someone asks what you do?”.

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New episode available on The Presentation Podcast

As a presenter-trainer-host, what makes for a good experience for attendees to want to listen and learn something? We leave aside non-educational reasons for attending events and focus on what people want to learn and get out of training presentations. Being presentation designers and trainers, we admittedly wander into the PowerPoint and stage craft of presenting – and it is a great conversation! Listen here.

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Template Design – and New Microsoft Fonts

I am working a PowerPoint template project (yes, this is the real art, for a real template – and yes, I have removed logos and product indicators – and yes, PowerPoint design can be fun!).

What I want to highlight in this post is this awesome new Microsoft hand drawn style font, Dreaming Outloud Pro. I actually do not know when it was officially added, but one of our designers found it and added to the template concept and I love it!

Troy @ TLC


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Things Not Working, Check Microsoft Updates

ote, this post is for Windows only (although Mac has its own dilemmas with update needs). I find that a feature I have been using, perhaps earlier that same day, suddenly is not available or does not work. My new thinking is things do not continue working until broken, they now work until Windows or something Microsoft has an update and things stop working because they see an update is needed.

I am constantly running 4 update checks to limit these random not working/error messages. Most likely only need 3 apply to your, but I am covering all 4.

Windows OS updates
Go to Start > Settings > Windows Update > click Windwos Update (in upper right)

Click Check for updates

O365 Updates
Open PowerPoint > File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

Windows Store updates
The Windows Store is controlling more and more of the installed apps.
In the Start menu search for “Store”

Select and open the Microsoft Store app > Library > Get updates.

Lenovo Vantage
This only applies to Lenovo computers, but Dell, Asus and others have their own update apps.
In the Start menu search for “Lenovo”

Select and open the Lenovo Commercial Vantage app > Run System Update

Install updates following information provided.

This is a lot of ongoing effort. It feels that more the 50% of the time, whatever issue I was having is resolved with these updates. Hopefully this is a good reference and resource!

Troy @ TLC

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