Pantone Released a PowerPoint “Template” with the 4 Very Peri color schemes

I am uncertain if Pantone created this PowerPoint file or if Microsoft created it, but everyone can download a Pantone 2022 Color of the Year inspired PowerPoint template on the Microsoft Office Templates site here.

It is a set of PowerPoint slides with some slide layouts and image treatments.

The file has 4 separate Master Slides, each with one of the Pantone Very Peri inspired color schemes. But I cannot call this a “template” as it is missing too many of the fundamentals that make a PowerPoint template, a template. Aside from missing all standard layouts, each master slide is void of any styling and preset layouts that trickle down to master layouts for the master slide.

The TLC Creative design team has taken up the Pantone 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri and developed 4 full feature PowerPoint templates, one per Pantone color scheme. Standby, each will be a free download over the next few weeks of posts!

Troy @ TLC

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Very Peri – Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone’s color of the year for 2022 is VERY PERI. Technically it is Pantone #17-3938, described as “A New Pantone Color Whose Courageous Presence Encourages Personal Inventiveness and Creativity.”

The TLC Creative Services design team agrees Very Peri is a winner and will be great for use in slide, and template design!

Even the big companies have adopted Very Peri for 2022. Check out Microsoft’s Windows 11 “Windows Bloom” re-imagined using the Pantone Color of the Year 2022 (available here).

microsoft windows bloom pantone very perimicrosoft windows bloom pantone very peri

microsoft windows bloom pantone very perimicrosoft windows bloom pantone very peri

Visit the Very Peri official page on the Pantone site here.


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New Presentation Podcast Episode!

Eyeful Presentations recently released a new presentation industry report, “The NEW New Normal – Hybrid Presentations.” This episode of The Presentation Podcast, Troy Chollar has opportunity to talk with Simon, Jack and Alex from Eyeful Presentations about their report and hear some additional insights into the topic of hybrid presentations. Listen to the conversation here.

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Mark Your Calendars – Presentation Guild Gathering, February 17!

Do not miss this amazing opportunity to be in the same room with the Microsoft PowerPoint team! The Presentation Guild’s “Ask Microsoft Anything” event is open to everyone to view. Guild members can enter the meeting room direct (chat and ask questions direct to the Microsoft team)!

The Presentation Guild “promotes the presentation design and production industry as a profession, recognizes the skills and expertise of presentation creation specialists, and provides opportunities for members to expand their knowledge and abilities.”

Click the button below for more information and pre-register at the Presentation Guild.

Go direct to the meeting platform here.

Event Date: Thursday, February 17 @ 11am PST | 2:00pm EST.

Register Now!


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Windows ML-Noise Suppression and Background Music

Coming soon to a Windows based computer! The rollout is slated for February through March 2022; ML-Noise Suppression.

What is ML-based noise suppression?

When researching this new Windows feature the phrase “ML-based noise suppression” was used a lot. So I had to identify what it was. It is “Machine Learning based noise suppression”, or AI (Artificial Intelligence). This feature is not entirely new. ML-based noise suppression was released earlier in Windows as an option users could turn on, but with this rollout it is now enabled by default.

How does it work?

The simple description is “ML-based noise suppression considers any non-speech signal picked up by the microphone as noise which should be suppressed.” Microsoft says “[our] noise suppression feature works by analyzing an individual’s audio feed and uses specially trained deep neural networks to filter out noise and only retain speech. While traditional noise suppression algorithms can only address simple stationary noise sources such as a consistent fan noise, our AI-based approach learns the difference between speech and unnecessary noise and is able to suppress various non-stationary noises, such as keyboard typing or food wrapper crunching.” The newest feature to this system is that “non-speech” also now means background music.

Where do we see it?

I am not entirely sure where this new background music suppression will show up. It is currently integrated into Microsoft Teams Desktop App for video and audio calls. I can see this being leveraged within PowerPoint’s record feature, and potentially by other applications (e.g. Zoom or other live microphone apps).

This is the notification seen in a Microsoft Teams meeting or call if the ML-based noise suppression is activated:

How do we turn it off?

If there is an option to turn on or enable, High Fidelity (music) Mode, that tells the machine learning system to allow music to be included.

The Microsoft Office Blog has a nice article written by one of the PM’s here.


Troy @ TLC

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Format Shape and Format Text on the QAT

At TLC we use the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) in PowerPoint on every computer in our fleet so our design team members can work seamlessly.

Two features added to our master QAT minimize the number of clicks needed to get to the Action Pane needed at the time:

1. Format Shape with focus on the Shape Options.

2. Format Shape with focus on the Text Options.


This amazing QAT button opens the FORMAT SHAPE action pane on the right to the TEXT OPTIONS tab, when any text box is selected.

The bottom icon in the above image opens the FORMAT SHAPE action pane on the right to the SHAPE OPTIONS tab. When searching for the icon to add in the Customize QAT dialog, look for FORMAT OBJECT > FORMAT SHAPE > OBJECT FORMAT DIALOG.

Troy @ TLC

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The Presentation Podcast Talks About Internal and Independent Presentation Designers

New episode of The Presentation Podcast available today! This episode is a conversation about Internal vs. Independent Designers about the mindset of how each designer approaches the task of visual design for presentations. How each reacts to client requests for the presentation, the design, or the template. And with special guest Lori Chollar of TLC Creative Services!

Listen here.

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“Microsoft 365” on the Splash Screen

So, this new – well not really that new. I just noticed the “Microsoft 365” badging on the splash screen (seen when PowerPoint loads). First, it is no longer “Office 365” – which changes my now often used acronym “O365” when referring to Microsoft Office. And second, after doing a bit of online research, the “Microsoft 365” badging has been there for many months (guess I am multitasking while apps load and not looking at the startup splash screen).

Troy @ TLC

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Keyboard Shortcut – Reset Graphic Driver

Have you ever been working on something important and all of a sudden, the screen or app window freezes up?



Before losing any of your work by restarting the app or full computer, try this keyboard shortcut. We are going to restart the graphics drivers – which I found is something most people did not know was an option! Click the Windows logo + CTRL + SHIFT + B keys to restart your graphic drivers.


Reset graphic drivers keyboard shortcut

The common solution is first to open the TASK MANAGER and attempt to close the application (if the Task Manager will open). The next action is generally to FORCE SHUTDOWN the computer – argh! which means losing all work since the last save!! Try this trick before shutting down the entire computer! Often the issue is the graphics driver has crashed and this handy keyboard shortcut restarts the graphics driver and hopefully restores access to your computer and the slide deck you were working on (hopeful!). Note, this is a Windows OS hack (sorry Mac people, I do not know if there is a graphic driver reset option there). And this works on Windows 8, 10 and 11.

Troy @ TLC


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Start 2022 with a podcast on Presentation Design Predictions!

2022 has just begun, and the very first week of the new year, Troy, Nolan and Sandy are sharing 5 predictions (each) of what they see as trends in the presentation industry for 2022. All based on their client requests, what’s happening in the presentation world, and hunch’s (eg. this is not scientific, survey results or anything measurable!). Listen in for a fun conversation about (possible) trends in the presentation industry for 2022. Listen here!

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