Bulletless Design – An Internal Project

Nolan Haims created “The Better Deck Deck”, which is a great example of modern presentation communication. The product tagline is “52 Alternatives to Bullet Points” which is an obvious clue that The Better Deck Deck has 52 cards, each with a design example of ways to visually communicate.

As an internal design project among the TLC Creative Services team, I created a fun (at least I thought it was fun) project for everyone to create a series of slides using some of The Better Deck Deck’s slide layout options. Before sharing some of the (amazing) slide designs, let me share the design team instructions:

  1. Google “random number generator”. Set the max at 52. Generate.
  2. That is your first Better Deck Deck style to use.
  3. Go to (okay to refresh until there is a stat you like)
  4. Create a boring/standard bullet point list slide based on the amazing fact.
  5. Create a bulletless design slide, using The Better Deck Deck card style that was randomly assigned to you in step #1.

Troy @ TLC

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The Presentation Podcast Episode Releases Today!

There is a new PowerPoint centric book, and this conversation is Troy, Sandy and Nolan talking with Chantal Bosse about her just released book, ” Microsoft PowerPoint Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques”. Listen in on a great conversation and book that everyone who aspires to use PowerPoint’s tools and features will want to add to their library. Listen here.

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Pantone 2023 Color of the Year – Viva Magenta

For 2023, Pantone’s Color of the Year is #18-1750 – Viva Magenta.

I like it. It is…

While reading about the color of the year, I learned something I have never read about before – how Pantone picks the color of the year. Overall, as a graphic designer, this was a great read. The key takeaways (for me):

  • Pantone Color of the Year started in 1999.
  • Each year Pantone has a global team of color experts that are not all Pantone employees.
  • Colors are recommendations based on anything and everything that influences color; entertainment, travel, lifestyles, etc. and a study of trends, but not a timely fad (note: the color may not be a fad, but the tagline, “welcome to the Magentaverse”, definitely is!).
  • The process is generally identify, and agree, on a color. Then continue the process to determine the shade of that color.
  • And it is a global design thing, so I like it 😊

Troy @ TLC

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New Podcast – episode 163 with Eyeful Presentations!

The Presentation Podcast Team; Troy, Sandy and Nolan, are joined by some of the Eyeful Presentations team; Simon, Lloyd and Luke. The conversation this episode is about the business of presentation as we talk about the evolution of Eyeful Presentations has taken its business success and handed over the leadership as an employee owned company!

Listen here.

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PowerPoint and Podcasts

Generally, The Presentation Podcast is recorded remote with each person at their own place. But at the Presentation Summit I have used the time of so many people gathered in one place to have some in person podcast recordings. Here, at the 2022 Presentation Summit, we gathered 11 of the Microsoft MVPs for a great time together (listen to the conversation here).

Troy @ TLC

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PowerPoint Big and Small (part 2)

The backside, technical side, of PowerPoint can be big – huge, or small. Image above is me with presentation computers connected to a broadcast TV booth. And image below is me sitting beside the audience and presentation computers connected to a single video switcher. It’s all about designing slides to the audience environment – and knowing how to connect to systems of any size!

Troy @ TLC

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