I need the PMS color for this RGB design!

With Adobe dropping PMS (Pantone Match System) colors from all of their apps, everyone needs to use external solutions for when the client asks, “What is the PMS of the blue in the logo for our printer?

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is considered a standard for print design, and still very much in use. It is a standards system that means the teal color your selected will the same teal color wherever it is printed.

The full PMS color swatch book was available in all Adobe applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) through 2022. The Pantone company moved to a subscription model, Adobe removed PMS colors, and everyone is welcome to subscribe to the Pantone Connect subscription, which has an online converter, and  Adobe app plug-in to access the 15,000+ specified PMS colors (for ~$90/year).

For TLC Creative, our primary need for PMS colors is a few 1-2 color offset printing (using real inks) or screen printing (e.g. t-shirts). For these projects I have been using this free online RGB-to-PMS converter. Find it here.

Set the RGB value and it provides a set of potential PMS color swatch matches. Easy. Free. Done.

My tip is to use PowerPoint to assist with selecting the best PMS color swatch. I use Snagit to capture the color chip options, which are pasted onto a slide. Then add a PowerPoint rectangle and set it to the RGB value. This creates a more visual comparison of the RGB to PMS options.

As seen with this example, PMS colors are often not an exact match to the virtually infinite color range of RGB. And there are considerations for monitor calibration and other factors. But, I am confident in the process and providing printers with the needed PMS values for the client printing. These are from a real project, and we specified PMS 314 C.

Troy @ TLC

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The Presentation Podcast – episode 181!

New episode available today! TED talks and quality presenting are synonymous. Troy, Nolan and Sandy enjoy a conversation with Jacqueline Farrington, a former TEDx Senior Speaker Coach, and author of the just released, and already award-winning book, “Better Presentations. How to Present Like a Pro, virtually or in person.” Join and hear what Jacqueline has to say about presentation design and delivery!

Listen here.

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The Presentation Podcast – Whatever Happened to TED?

Technology, Entertainment, Design – TED, ideas worth spreading. TED talks provide an amazing platform for presenters. The organization has made quality presentation skills and presentation design a factor to be considered in all presentations. Our conversation today is that for the three of us, it feels as though the age of the TED Talk has diminished. We are revisiting TED talks and sharing our favorite talks, old and new, what talks we have been involved with, and where TED is today.


Listen to the conversation here.

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The Presentation Podcast – episode 174!

The PowerPoint app available today has gotten better and better over the years. It is an amazing application with features and uses. BUT that is not to say PowerPoint is perfect – or that there are features that are asked for – or there are existing features that need fixing. There are. And this episode, Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk about those missing and not complete features, knowing there is no expectation that anything beyond having a great conversation is the end result.

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Podcast Release – Can AI Create Better Presentations?

AI is coming to presentation design – and every aspect of the internet, computing and the world. It is not something that just suddenly was created, but is a major evolution of technologies, and very recently packaged into consumer facing interfaces for general public use. Troy and Nolan talk about their experience with AI tools, where they see AI in presentation design, and how Microsoft’s AI powered Copilot is going to enhance presentation development, and everyone should be ready to embrace AI in presentation design – soon.

Listen here.

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Microsoft PowerToys and PowerPoint

This is a free set of Windows OS utilities that is put out by Microsoft. I have had these installed for a while and use many of the features and I have a mini-series on some of these great features that work with presenting.

These are FREE for Windows 10 and 11 OS computers. Search “PowerToys” – 1 word – in the Microsoft App Store to install.

Once installed, all of the tools and features are available. The only parameter is PowerToys needs to be running (on my computers I have MS PowerToys automatically run when the computer starts).

– Troy @ TLC

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