Free Christmas Template

Merry Christmas to everyone (a day early)!! As a small gift to everyone who visits here is a custom PowerPoint template for your use.

This is a full featured template with all master slide elements (text box position, text style – color – size, line spacing, slide transitions, default color scheme, etc.) pre-formatted. Template was setup in PPT 2003, the theme is ‘white christmas’ and it will hopefully find many wonderful uses. Click here to download.

Note: you can search ‘christmas’ to find templates from previous years too.

– Troy @ TLC

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Free Halloween Template

This year my girls are enjoying the fun dressed as a Jester, Super Girl, and a Pirate Maiden. Hope you have lots of fun – especially if you have kids!

My treat to everyone is a custom PowerPoint template!

Artwork I developed this template from was purchased at
To download the template (as a .ppt) click here (300k).

– Troy @ TLC

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Blue Lens Template Download

The Blue Lens template I have used as an example was one of the concepts I created for a client. Obviously I ‘debranded’ it by removing any reference to a company or event, but now you can download the full template to review or use!

Download the template (saved as .ppt, not a .pot) here. Enjoy!

– Troy @ TLC

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Setup of a Template

With the background elements developed in Photoshop and saved out as .jpg images the rest of the work happens in PowerPoint. Most of the work in setting up a template happens on the Master Slides. So the first thing for me is to set the background of each slide layout with the background artwork.

The Blue Lens template has a Content slide and a Title slide.

Next is to position the text boxes to fit the background, set the font size-color-line spacing and custom bullets:

I also set default slide transitions for each slide layout (in this case both use a FADE SMOOTHLY), format the header/footer text boxes, etc.

One of the things I think a lot of people overlook is customizing the color scheme. I always include a sample chart that shows all of the default colors I have setup.

Now everything is ready to build a slide show!

– Troy @ TLC

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3 Screen Show Template

One of my recent projects was developing a 3 screen presentation for a large corporate event. Each screen was widescreen format (16×9). My goal was to create flowing template art that visually radiates from the center screen to the outer screens. Here are all three screens:

Here is a bit closer look at the left screen:

– Troy @ TLC

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PPT Autoshape BG (6)

Here is the finalized background with the title area drop shadow.

Click here to download PowerPoint file.

For virtually all presentations I develop the custom background art and elements in Photoshop. But with creative use of the available tools in PowerPoint, some great effects can be achieved!

– Troy @ TLC

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Creating a Background w/ PPT Elements

On a recent project the specs were to develop a visually dynamic presentation, but maintain an extremely small files size (goal = under 2MB for 75-100 slides – with images!).

The first place was to begin with the template backgrounds. Because native autoshapes are vector based, they have the smallest files size – especially when needed as full screen images.

Here is the content slide developed using just autoshapes:

Over the next few posts we’ll build the background one autoshape at a time.

– Troy @ TLC

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4th of July template

Happy 4th of July!! The states are awash with patriotism and we are off for our annual trip to the state fair where we end the day listening to the Navy Band and watching a huge fireworks show.

There are lots of great template sites out there, and it is not something I have focused on (providing a library of downloadable templates). But I designed this Americana themed template to share with all. Download here (580k).

Troy @ TLC

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