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Everyone has a workplace, mine just happens to move to a different hotel/convention center/conference room nearly every week. Part of the “Fun” is moving in all my computers, patching in everything and teching everything to assure it is doing what it needs to do.

I took a series of photos of a recent event, stitched them together in PhotoShop and then experimented with SnagIt’s very easy to use hotspot feature. To see the big image click here.
Tech Table

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Work Can Have Its Perks

We all have some perks from our profession. For me one recently occurred. I was asked to clean up the presentations for a corporate event and optimize the 40+ movie files so they would actually play when needed. All the work went great, but the producer called and requested I be there one evening to pick up some additional files – a bit of an inconvenience, but I agreed. When I arrived I was treated to a very cool, very candid Lance Armstrong speaking to a small group – A VERY COOL PERK!
Lance Armstrong - up close and personal

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Disaster at the Server Level

Today has proven to have its challenges… Yesterday my web hosting server crashed. After many hours dealing with tech support it became obvious that the only item I would not be able to get back online was this blog.

So today I have started from scratch – reinstalling the blog software, building a new database, and uploading/re-creating as many of the posts as possble. I am sure to be missing a few posts, but the extended effort has the blog up and running again. I guess the only upside is that I did upgrade a few features and fix a couple of bugs from my first round of installs. Sometime technology makes for a big headache!

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Dinner with the Stars

While in Detroit I was fortunate to have dinner one evening with Julie Terberg (Terberg Design) and another with the incredible Betsy Weber (TechSmith). Both are great people and I enjoyed hearing what is exciting and happening in their work.

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Troy and Julie Terberg
Troy & Betsy Weber

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Good Company, Bad Idea

Mac’s are great. When we started our design firm years ago, we invested nearly everything we billed out on new Mac systems and design software (it is almost unfair how economical things are today for new designers!). But we have had to move with Corporate America to a Windows OS world, so there are just a few Mac’s around the office these days.

But even good companies do some bad/stupid things. Today I get a message that I have an old version of Quicktime and it requires me to download and install the new version. No problem, I comply. But a mandatory install of an unwanted iTunes to use Quicktime! The must-install-additional-software-and-tolerate-the-running-advertisements as it installs just irks me.

Oh, and after all is installed, you can go into add/remove programs and uninstall iTunes. 🙂

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The Begining Starts Here

Happy New Year! So with the new year comes new resolutions. I figure I have thought about adding an informative and engaging blog for quite a while, so now must be the perfect time to start!

Why a PowerPoint blog? Well, I think there is a need for a good resource that focuses on the development/creation side of presentations. And because that is what I do every day I should be able to offer up a steady stream of good (if not entertaining) information. Enjoy!

Troy and Daughter @ Disneyland Christmas '05

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