Slot Machine Animation

07/27/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Portfolio

I am continuously wanting to share my presentation work, but continuously held back by the fact that client files are not released. So I pulled from recent projects a dozen dynamic animated slides, 'cleaned' them of all client reference and will be posting them for download!

Here is a really fun animated slide that uses only PPT animations and images prepp'd in Photoshop to create the slot machine effect.

PPT Animated Slot Machine

Download the full PowerPoint 2007 file, that has sound and all animations accessible with this link (.pptx and 650K)

- Troy @ TLC


Guest Author 7-31-09!

07/26/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Resource/Misc

As things evolve I am very excited to have a guest author doing the final post of July! Julie Terberg of Terberg Design and a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP will be sharing a great post this Friday - don't miss it!


Mac Office 2008 SP2

07/25/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Resource/Misc, Software/Add-Ins

At the beginning of this week Microsoft released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Mac Office 2008. If you use a Mac for your presentations, this is a definite update to download and install.

It promises speed, stability, compatibility improvements, and a new tool called Document Connection for accessing SharePoint collaboration. Adds custom path animations (and play PPT Windows motion paths), default theme support and it is a 300MB download... which is downloaed using AutoUpdate.

- Troy @ TLC


Sneak Peak at PPT 2010!

07/23/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: PowerPoint, Resource/Misc

Being a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP is very cool - but it is difficult keeping things to myself, honor the many NDA's, and simply say "I think the next version of PPT is going to be really good." Well, the Microsoft Team Blog had a post last week with an embedded video that shows a lot more than I am currently permitted to talk about - and check back for more posts as they seem to be finally revealing to everyone some of the really really exciting things coming soon! So if you want a sneak peak head over to "The PowerPoint Team Blog" here.

You can also see some videos of all the Office 2010 products at the Microsoft Office 2010 website (the PowerPoint video shows, or hints at, some of the really great new multimedia features). The link is here.

- Troy @ TLC


Inspect Document (Presentation Notes)

07/21/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial

For presentations that are being distributed many problems have occured with recipients reading through the Presentation/Speaker Notes that someone forgot were a part of the presentation - oops...

The Document Inspector's 'Presentaion Notes' feature solves this problem with a few clicks. Open the Document Inspector (OFFICE BUTTON >> PREPARE >> INSPECT DOCUMENT) and choose the PRESENTATION NOTES option.

Run the inspector, click the button to remove any and all notes in the speaker notes area and check the slides to see all is removed!

- Troy @ TLC


Inspect Document (Off-Slide Content)

07/19/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial

The Document Inspector has a new feature which I find most helpful when I know a presentation is going to be printed or converted to PDF. The OFF-SLIDE CONTENT tool is a great check for slides that have items outside the slide and will not be included in a printout or PDF.

Here is my sample slide - the slide is blank, but an object (circle) is off the slide in the edit area.


The report will show each slide that has content that will not show up on a printout or PDF.

- Troy @ TLC


Inspect Document (Hidden Elements)

07/17/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial

There are ways to end up with mystery stuff on slides. Items that cannot be seen, edited or deleted by normal means - invisible elements. One add-in that I have used extensively is PPTXtreme's Soft Shadow. It has provided photoshop quality shadow effects to PowerPoint since XP. The coding behind it is incredible too. To allow an object to be restored to its original, non-shadowed, state it turns the original shape invisible. So it is there, but not really there. The Soft-Shadow add-in has a great set of management tools to remove unneeded invisible elements (especially to keep file from becoming large).

So, for our purposes I am using the Soft-Shadow add-in to create an invisible element on a slide to discuss the Inspect Document INVISIBLE ON-SLIDE CONTENT feature.

Here is my sample slide. I inserted a circle autoshape and then applied the drop shadow with the PPTXtreme Soft-Shadow add-in.

Open the Document Inspector (OFFICE BUTTON >> PREPARE >> INSPECT DOCUMENT)and have it check for INVISIBLE ON-SLIDE CONTENT.

It reports there is a hidden object on slide #1 (the one I purposefully added).

After running the clear option, reinspect and now the presentation has no extraneous mystery items!

- Troy @ TLC


Inspect Document (Comments)

07/15/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial

Comments are fantastic and make revisions much easier when working with clients. If you have not discovered how to insert comments in PowerPoint 2007 (it is not on the Insert tab) go to the REVIEW tab and the COMMENTS section.

Here is my sample slide with a comment added.

Open the Property Inspector (OFFICE BUTTON >> PREPARE >> INSPECT DOCUMENT) and the first item is COMMENTS AND ANNOTATIONS.

The report shows comments have been found in the presentation and gives the option to remove them.

Now when you view the slide, the comment is gone and the presentation ready, and safe, to distribute.

- Troy @ TLC


Inspect Document (Advanced File Properties)

07/13/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial

In PowerPoint 2007 the document properties are divided into 2 views. Yesterday's post showed the new properties view that is easy to use, integrated into the user interface and displays the personal information that can be sent out with a presentation.

But the 'old' file properties are still there. To open, click the DOCUMENT PROPERTIES button in the upper left of the properties ribbon. Now we see the same properties window that has been with PowerPoint for a number of versions.

The tab I focus on is the STATISTICS information. And the LAST SAVED BY, REVISION NUMBER, TOTAL EDITING TIME are the information I generally want to clear out.

After clearing the Document properties those 3 things are are all clear!

Finally, if running an earlier version of PowerPoint (eg. XP or 2003) I have used for many years the add-in Shyam's Toolbox which among its many tools is a clear properties function.

- Troy @ TLC


Inspect Document (3)

07/12/09 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial

One of the professional touches when distributing a presentation is to verify what, if any, properties information is going out with the presentation. As example, if I developed a presentation for a client I would not want this information in the file properties:

Having my name, company and other information not pertaining to the client would be unprofessional.

But if I go to Inspect Document, check 'Document Properties and Personal Information' and inspect the file:

I am given an information dialog that says there are personal information in the file properties. What it does not do is give you a quick way to open the file properties and see what is there (go to Office Button >> Prepare >> Properties). But it does give me an option to remove the properties information.

Now the file properties are ready for me to add the end client information, or leave completely blank - either is a more professional touch than displaying your personal information.

- Troy @ TLC


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I work with PowerPoint on a daily basis and I am very honored to be a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP. We have a talented team of presentation designers at TLC Creative Services and ThePowerPointBlog is our area to highlight PowerPoint tips, tricks, examples and tutorials. Enjoy!

Troy Chollar

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