Spotify and Sleep Timer Hack!

This has nothing to do with PowerPoint or presentations, but it is an amazing tip for those that use Spotify and have noticed it is missing a sleep timer option (which I have!). 

Scenario 1: You are deep into developing an amazing PowerPoint presentation and have some great inspiration music playing. You have a meeting to attend, so having the music stop would be a great reminder to save your work and leave (and much less jarring than an alarm going off).

Scenario 2: You are in noisy hotel and having music to mask the noise would be great, as long as you have a sleep timer to turn the music off in a few hours.

Unfortunately, the Spotify app does not have a sleep timer function. Luckily, this great hack leverages the built-in iOS timer to control Spotify.

Action Steps, on iPhone or iPad

  • Search for “Timer” and open it, or, open the Clock app and go to the Timer icon at the bottom.
  • Set the time for music to play.
  • Change the “When Timer Ends” (and this is the secret setting!) to STOP PLAYING by scrolling to the very bottom of the list of options.*
  • Click START
  • Go back to Spotify, enjoy the music and let iOS turn off the music when the timer runs out!

*Note: This feature also works with Apple Music, Spotify, and all other audio enabled apps.

Happy listening!

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Using PowerPoint Creatively

Some amazing results can be achieved by using PowerPoint creatively. This slide developed by the TLC Creative Services design team is a great example.

To develop this slide, we started with this mountain range image.

Using PowerPoint Creatively  1

Then, we used PowerPoint’s Remove Background feature to eliminate the sky area.

Using PowerPoint Creatively 2

Then we searched VideoBlocks for a timelapse clouds video and selected this video.

By positioning the video behind the mountain range image, we did not worry about the green grass and horizon (they are still there in the above slide, but hidden by the mountain).

Using PowerPoint Creatively  3

Last step was adding the stylized text. Complete!

Troy @ TLC

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PowerPoint Illustration – Thanksgiving Cornucopia!

Amber, on the TLC Creative design team, loves Adobe Illustrator and PowerPoint. We challenged her to build a full vector illustration in PowerPoint. The result is an amazing Thanksgiving cornucopia!

  • 478 slides
  • Everything about the cornucopia (took me 3 times to get that spelled correct!) developed inside PowerPoint
  • Exported as a video with no transition and .01 second timing to create the stop motion animation effect

Thanksgiving Cornucopia


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!

Troy @ TLC


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The Presentation Podcast Episode #42 Released Today!

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast with Troy, Nolan, and Sandy is available today! Check out the latest episode, #42 – A Conversation With Tom Howell & Mike Parkinson.

Enjoy listening to an amazing conversation with Tom Howell of Synapsis Creative, Mike Parkinson of Billion Dollar Graphics, Nolan Haims of Nolan Haims Creative and Troy Chollar of TLC Creative Services. Recorded at the 2017 Presentation Summit, our conversation covers a range of topics from design projects to studio policies to whether our university degree applies to our career, and so much more!


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Animated Timelines Using Pan and Wipe Transitions

Continuing from the last post, here is the same timeline, more traditional transitions and on-slide animations. See below for examples of animated timelines using pan and wipe transitions.

Like the previous timelines, both of these effects use the same 9 slides (with slide #1 being the info/title slide).

Animated Timelines Using Pan and Wipe

Unlike the Morph transition timelines, both of these effects have no content off slide, but do have a number of animations on each slide.

Animated Timelines Using Pan and Wipe

Pan From Left Transition (+ on-slide animations)

Wipe From Left Transition (+ on-slide animations)

Troy @ TLC

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Animated Timelines Using Morph

This is a demo of using the Morph transition to achieve a great visually animated style. This is also a real client project, with all details cleansed for public viewing. We used 2 different Morph transition options to achieve different visual effects so we could show the same timeline twice during the meeting with different animation styles (Full disclosure: Each Morph option needed different slide layouts for the effect to work, which is detailed below). The key to these animated timelines is there are NO animations used anywhere on the slides, all motion is achieved solely with PowerPoint’s Morph transition effect.

Option 1: Morph by Character

The slide deck is 9 slides (slide #1 being the info/title slate).

Animated Timelines

To achieve the motion effects, the transition for each slide is Morph > By Character and 1 element off-slide (that animates into place on the next slide)

Animated Timelines

Option 2: Morph by Object

The slide deck is also 9 slides (slide #1 being the info/title slate).

Animated Timelines

But the off-slide content (that animates into place on the next slide) planning and layout is more extensive for this visual effect.

Animated Timelines

Troy @ TLC


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Informational Slides – 2 Timeline Layout Options

For this project, we developed wonderful, stylized, information slides – over 150 in the final Sales Deck. For this blog post, I am pulling one example of 2 timeline layout options where our design team provided slides showing different ways to layout the provided content.

Timeline Layout Options 

Timeline Layout Options

In this case, we did not completely understand the intent of the slide so developed the timeline with two different layout styles, each supporting a different visual message. Our client provided input on the intent, we modified one option and moved on to the next layout question.

Troy @ TLC

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The Presentation Podcast Episode #41 Released Today!

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast with Troy, Nolan, and Sandy is available today! Check out the latest episode, #41 -“Presenter Notes.” 

Presenter Notes: what are they, are they needed, what is the best way to create them, where is the best place to create them? So many questions for such a useful presentation tool. Yes, there are less helpful ways of creating, formatting and using Presenter Notes. No, there is no perfect way to create, format or use Presenter Notes. Troy, Nolan and Sandy share their notes about using Presenter Notes.

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Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

The Logitech Spotlight remote is more than the standard presentation remote. It has a sleek, minimalist design, and has an app that offers a lot of other useful tools to the presenter.

The remote comes with a charging cable and the quick charge feature works in 1 minute, giving the remote enough power for 3 hours of use. A full charge takes as little as 60 minutes, and can last up to 3 months. Installing the software is a breeze and I got it up and running in less than 5 minutes.

After install, the app will guide you through how to use the remote, but it’s pretty intuitive on its own. The standard back and forth buttons can be configured to do much more, like fast forward, blank out the screen, scroll, adjust the volume, or a even custom keystroke.

We set up the remote to control the computer volume when holding down the next button. Like a smartphone, it uses the up/down motion to change the volume level – which could be great during a presentation that has embedded video or music.


The top button on the remote is where almost all of the software features are triggered.

During a presentation, click and hold the top button, then move the remote to “point” where a very nifty Zoom bubble is on the screen. This allows a presenter to zoom in and highlight anything on the slide. The app also offers customization for the zoom, like making the highlight area bigger or smaller, adding a color circle, or even adjusting the fade out around the circle.


Among the other software tools is a timer function that the presenter can set and the remote will vibrate at certain markers, like when only 5 minutes remain on the clock. There are several other fun tools and features and definitely a remote any presenter should consider as part of their setup.

It is just over $100 and more details on the Logitech site here.

Troy @ TLC 

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