Pixar Cars Template

Pixar properties are fun projects! For this new marketing template for the Cars franchise, we were asked to develop a PowerPoint template that made use of a Chrome chevron/triangle, lots of McQueen’s metallic red paint, a McQueen character and the Disney Pixar Cars logo. Along with custom bullets (in the shape of bolts and rivets), this is the final template styling.


Note: This post is only to highlight the design work of TLC, we cannot provide this template to anyone (sorry).


– Troy  @ TLC

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Thanksgiving 2014 Free PowerPoint Template

Staff designer, Michelle, created this fun Thanksgiving themed template for TLC to post this year. The template is 16×9 and has the full array of PowerPoint options and layouts preset, and this great animated Theme layout.


Download template: TLC_Thanksgiving_2014_template


– Troy @ TLC

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Halloween 2014 PowerPoint Template

This is a fun time of the year and Cara, a new TLC staff designer, developed this fun Halloween themed template.


This is a FREE download, full featured PowerPoint template with all standard layouts customized to theme, custom color scheme, custom transitions, and more. Have fun using this template from TLC Creative Services!

Download here: Halloween-2014

– Troy @ TLC

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Halloween Animation

This is a great animation from a Halloween themed template TLC designer, Jennifer, developed.

The slide was developed with this nice background art setup on the master slide.


Then the Halloween art elements were added to the slide.

Halloween2014Animation-4 Halloween2014Animation-2

Here is the slide composed of the full moon background, all art elements and text boxes.


The animation pane shows lots is going on to create the motion on the slide (the addition of a real ‘loop animation section’ would make this type of slide much easier!).


– Troy @ TLC

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Dynamic Quotes with Background Fill!

Here is one of our favorite visual tricks at TLC Creative Services for making slides with a key quote stand out. Background fill!

I am doing this as a 3-post series: this one shows the end result (see above) and PowerPoint formatting, the next post will detail our development process in Adobe Illustrator, and the third will show a PowerPoint only development process for the graphics. Thanks to Amber, a TLC staff designer, for creating the sample images for this series.

Using the quote mark .emf graphics, they are not very impressive without some styling applied and a special option for their fill color. Insert the .emf graphic (download here).
1. Right click on a quote mark and select FORMAT SHAPE.


3. The Quote marks will disappear on the slide because they are set to be the same background color as the slide.

4. Add a shadow effect, bevel, outline, glow or other styling effects to your quote marks. For ours, we have added a subtle drop shadow.

5. Still not super dynamic, but the quote marks are looking more styled.

6. But when placed on a colorful image background – dynamic! Move the quote mark graphics to any part of the slide and their fill updates.

Note: The slide background needs to be set with the Background Fill, not an image on the slide for this effect to work.

– Troy @ TLC

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Free Halloween PowerPoint Template!

Happy Halloween from the designers at TLC Creative Services, Inc!

Download this Halloween themed PowerPoint template from us, for free! Optimized for PowerPoint 2007-2013, 16×9 aspect ratio and all of the customizable options preset for a ready to use Halloween slide show!

Thanks to Christie, new to the design team, for her design efforts in developing this template.

Download here (900K).

– Troy @ TLC

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(Update to) PowerPoint Video Test Toolkit

Earlier this week, a post released a copy of our internal PowerPoint Video test slides. It was drawn to my attention that there were 2 errors in the slides (1. the .avi was not set to play automatic like all others, 2. the .mpg1 was a really badly rendered video). Thank you for the those that sent emails!

The original post’s download link has been updated with a revised version of the PowerPoint Video Test Toolkit and here is same link:
Download here.

– Troy @ TLC

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PowerPoint Animation Jitters Update

This is a quick (and great!) update to last week’s post “Stop PowerPoint from Getting the Animation Jitters!

The incredibly talented coder, Chirag, quickly put together (in his words) “a very simple and small utility… that toggles the (regedit) setting when you execute it. When it states that sprite clipping is disabled, you get smooth animations. Ensure that PowerPoint is not running when you execute this utility.”

I have not tested, partly because I have manually updated all computers at TLC with the registry update. Download the free utility – https://www.officeoneonline.com/download/SpriteClipping.exe (61KB).

– Troy @ TLC

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Animated Fireworks Slide

The free 4th of July PowerPoint template featured animated fireworks. You can download a slide with just the animated (including sound FX) fireworks here and copy them into an presentation!
[youtube src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/fjo0axZ7J7M?rel=0″]

– Troy @ TLC

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