PowerPoint Template for HCV Research

Presentations that focus on in depth medical studies and analysis and are presented to a peer of like minded doctors can also be visually dynamic and professional! The TLC Creative Services Design Team develop a large number of custom templates (and does an even larger number of presentation makeovers) for medical/pharma/device industries every week. This is the PowerPoint template for HCV (Hepatitis C) research that was used recently.

PowerPoint Template for HCV Research

We identified a color scheme, an accent graphic (hexagons), the overall message (difficult, with positive and negatives), patient population demographics and other factors that influence the visual message the template should convey. After a round of concepts, the selected visual was developed into a full featured PowerPoint template with every preset customized to assist the multiple presenters in creating presentations easily and to coordinate with all other presentations.

-Troy @ TLC

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4th of July PowerPoint Template

In honor of our Nation’s Independence, we’ve put together a festive 4th of July PowerPoint template that you can download for your own use FREE.  Download this PowerPoint 2016 Template designed by TLC Staff Designer Christie here (1mb).


Here is a great article about the 4th of July at History.com. Enjoy!

-Troy @ TLC


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US Letter Size PowerPoint Template (Free!)

As promised in Episode 6 of The Presentation Podcast , Print Only Presentations (which actually releases tomorrow), here is the PowerPoint template setup in US Letter 8.5 x 11″ Portrait size. All layouts have been customized to fit the letter size page plus a few additional layouts using multi-column text boxes!

US Letter Template

To download the template, click here (330K).

-Troy @ TLC

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Happy Easter 2016 Powerpoint Template

Happy Easter 2016 from TLC Creative!

In the spirit of Easter week, here’s an awesome Easter 2016 PowerPoint Template, put together by Designer Amber, that you can download for free and use it for personal or commercial use.

Have a safe and festive Easter 2016.

Download Your Easter 2016 Powerpoint Template



-Troy TLC

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Star Wars – Before the Force Awakens

Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie was released (and it is a great movie!), TLC was asked to develop a marketing team presentation to pitch the property. It was not a problem having the design team request this project on their calendar.


We also created this Star Wars themed template back in 2013 for another project.

– Troy @ TLC

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Happy New Year 2016 Powerpoint Template

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 from TLC Creative.

Here is a full featured Happy New Year 2016 PowerPoint template. Credit to TLC staff designer Amber for the design and festive animation. This template is free for all to download and use! Enjoy! Download Here ↓(7.89MB)

New Year 2016 PowerPoint template

See a short video of the PowerPoint template.

– Troy @ TLC

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Pixar Cars Template

Pixar properties are fun projects! For this new marketing template for the Cars franchise, we were asked to develop a PowerPoint template that made use of a Chrome chevron/triangle, lots of McQueen’s metallic red paint, a McQueen character and the Disney Pixar Cars logo. Along with custom bullets (in the shape of bolts and rivets), this is the final template styling.


Note: This post is only to highlight the design work of TLC, we cannot provide this template to anyone (sorry).


– Troy  @ TLC

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