Free PowerPoint Template – Inspired by Pantone’s “Star of the Show” Color Scheme

Pantone’s Color of the Year, “Very Peri” and their inspired color scheme “Star of the Show.” Described as “a palette of classics and neutrals whose essence of elegance and understated stylishness convey a message of timeless sophistication.”

Troy on the TLC team has created a full PowerPoint template based on the fairly drab “Star of the Show” Pantone color palette. 

Download our color scheme inspired PowerPoint template, free to use, HERE.

Troy @ TLC



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Pantone Very Peri “Balancing Act” PowerPoint Template – Free

Using Pantone’s Very Peri Color of the Year and their “Balancing Act” color scheme, Troy on the TLC Creative presentation design team has created a full feature PowerPoint template everyone can download for free!

Pantone’s website describes “Balancing Act” as a “palette of color whose natural balance of warm and cool tones support and enhance one other. The brilliance of PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is intensified within this artfully calibrated palette, injecting a feeling of liveliness and visual vibration.”

download the FREE PowerPoint template HERE.

Troy @ TLC

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Pantone Very Peri “Amusements” PowerPoint Template – Free

And Pantone’s fourth Very Peri Color of the Year inspired color scheme is “Amusements”. A “joyous and whimsical color story of irrepressible fun and spontaneity is amplified by the carefree confidence and joyful attitude of PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, a twinkling blue hue whose playfulness emboldens uninhibited expression and experimentation.”

TLC Creative staff designer, Jake took on this bright color pallet and developed this colorful, geometric inspired PowerPoint template.

Download the FREE PowerPoint Template HERE!

Troy @ TLC

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Pantone Very Peri “Wellspring” PowerPoint Template – Free!

Using Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022, Very Peri – Wellspring color scheme as the inspiration, Karen on the TLC Creative design team created a full feature PowerPoint template.

The Wellspring palette is described as “A holistic and harmonious blend of nature infused shades, Wellspring highlights the compatibility of the greens with good-natured PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, and the health-giving properties of these deliciously subtle and nourishing hues.”

Download this FREE PowerPoint template Here.

Troy @ TLC


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A Cool PowerPoint Gradient

As we approach the 2021 Presentation Summit, I am finalizing my session talks (and packing equipment for our team to coordinate all live streaming of the entire conference – don’t miss the fun!). One of my talks is on using PowerPoint gradients as a design tool within PowerPoint. The gradients tool is very robust and over the years I have found myself less and less in Adobe Illustrator or even Photoshop, creating gradient styling elements, in favor of staying inside PowerPoint and having the gradients be editable there. Well, I am not giving away the talk (it is going to be good!), but I am highlighting one of the gradient examples our design team created, because it is amazing!

This beautiful slide background is 100% created in PowerPoint. It is a very creative use of PowerPoint gradients, and multiple overlapping PowerPoint shapes. As example, here is one of the vertical bands pulled from the background composite. It has a gradient fill created with 5 gradient stops, at a custom angle, and with varying opacity per gradient section.

On its own, the above gradient is not spectacular. It is technical, but not really amazing. The full background is a composite of 11 PowerPoint shapes over a white background slide to create a wonderful slide background.

For inspiration, the editable slide can be downloaded HERE.

Troy @ TLC

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