4th of July Themed Template – FREE!

Here is a great 4th of July themed template that Amber, one of the TLC presentation designers, created for everyone to use!

It is 4×3 and has all PPT 2007-13 presets formatted. In addition, the Title and Divider slide layouts are animated with sound FX!
[youtube src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/2XOhkTYZll0?rel=0″]

Download (3 MB).

– Troy @ TLC

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PowerPoint Outline – inside/outside/middle ???

A stroke and an outline are the same thing, but called different things based on the program being used. It is a line around the perimeter. The line can be any color, even a gradient of colors and any width. But PowerPoint has a flaw in its outline/stroke feature:

When you apply strokes to shapes in Illustrator or Photoshop, you have the option to align the stroke to the outside, inside, or center of the shape:

In PowerPoint, the stroke is automatically applied to the center of a PowerPoint, or vector, shape:

However, with inserted images, the stroke gets applied to the outside:

And for text, the stroke is applied to the center:

This makes it difficult if you are trying to align shapes with images, the strokes don’t align even if they are the same weight simply because PPT aligns to the edge of the shape/image and now the same size elements with the same width stroke are different sizes, because on one the stroke makes the shape wider than the other. With the text, the actual text starts to disappear (above example is the base text and then a 10pt stroke applied – which almost completely eliminates the black text). There is not a solution for PowerPoint as of PPT 2013, but we can hope for user control over the placement (inside-outside-center) by the designer to improve PowerPoint.

– Troy @ TLC

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St. Patrick’s Day 16×9 Template

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day this weekend! We are ending the week with a free widescreen, 16×9 St. Patrick’s Day themed PowerPoint template created by Amber here at TLC Creative Services.

Developed as a native .pptx format (PPT 2007, 2010, 2013), in 16×9 aspect ratio. Download here 1.8MB.

– Troy @ TLC

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St. Patrick’s Day Themed PowerPoint Template

This week, we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! And starting with a free St. Patrick’s Day themed PowerPoint template created by Jennifer here at TLC Creative Services.

Developed as a native .pptx format (PPT 2007, 2010, 2013), in 4×3 aspect ratio. It also features animated title and content slides.

[youtube src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/sQT-0b-RZqY?rel=0″]

Download here 800KB

– Troy @ TLC

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PowerPoint Video Slides/Templates By TLC Creative Services (Free!)

At the beginning of last year, Microsoft posted a series of PowerPoint 2013 slides and templates that TLC Creative Services, Inc. developed (for Microsoft Office.com). These were the items referenced in the previous blog post that many emailed and asked about.

There are a lot of templates and sample slides available at Office.com. Just go here and search in the Templates and then PowerPoint.

Here is a direct link to PowerPoint slides and videos with templates, many were created here at TLC Creative Services, and all are free to download and use!

– Troy @ TLC

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Attention University of Minnesota People – here is a free UofM themed template!

We completed a project recently that involved the University of Minnesota. As part of the presentation project, we developed a great UofM themed template. Because all of the content is clear for distribution, I thought it would be good to make the full template available here.

The template is native to PPT 2010 (.pptx), 4×3 aspect ratio, and has all of the PowerPoint presets customized. Let us know if the template is useful to you!

Download here – 254KB

– Troy @ TLC

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Merry Christmas Eve with a Free Christmas PowerPoint Template!

At Christmas, the spirit of the season – and a lot of the fun, is giving. TLC Creative Services has this great Holiday themed template for everyone to have and use – FREE!!

Many thanks to TLC Creative Services designer Amber, who developed this template!

Template is developed in PPT 2010 and 16×9 (wide screen) aspect ratio. Download here.

– Troy @ TLC

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Blu-Ray DVD Standards

My previous post covered “standard” definition DVDs, which are pretty low res in terms of computer displays. Blu-Ray DVDs are basically High Def computer monitor specs. So if creating a video from a PPT presentation to go onto a Blu Ray DVD, it is the same process:
– Export at highest quality PPT offers of 960x720px (which is below Blu-Ray specs, but the best natively available)

When authoring a Blu-ray DVD, that software will upconvert (ie. make larger) to Blue-ray HD quality:
– 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution
– Audio can be Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio and support up to surround sound 7.1 (at 96kHz/24bit) or 5.1 (at 192kHz/24bit)
– Maximum bitrate of 40.0 Mbit/s

Blu-Ray Trivia:
– The name “Blu-Ray” is because it uses a blue-violet laser to read/write discs.
– Blu-Ray has its own association, the “Blu-ry Disc Association” or “BDA” – which is the group of consumer electronics, media and computer manufacturers that established the technology standards.
– A single layer Blu-ray disc can hold 25GB of data (standard DVD is 4.7GB) and a dual layer can hold 50GB! But that is only 4 hours of HD video (on a single layer disc).

– Troy @ TLC

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4th of July 2012 Free PowerPoint Template

Amber, another great presentation designer here at TLC Creative Services, created this 4th of July themed PowerPoint template. It is free for all to download and use – just click here – 1.1MB.

– PPT 2010
– 16×9
– Master layouts include all the standards, plus a Theme layout and alternate full frame layout.

– Troy @ TLC

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Halloween Themed PowerPoint Template

Wanda, one of our talented TLC Creative designers, developed this great Halloween themed template we are sharing with everyone.

The template is native to PPT 2010, 16×9 aspect ratio and features several layouts including a great animated title slide (Note: All elements on the title slide from the background to the cauldron and hat were created in PowerPoint).
[youtube src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/pcN6Gtf4UuM?rel=0″]
Download the full template here:

– Troy @ TLC

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