I don’t remember it like this….

We have to remember that what we show and say during a presentation may not be telling the whole story. Take for example this re-edited movie trailer for the Shining.

I don’t remember the warm-fuzzy family story with the happy ending…

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It’s official – “Office 2007”

What has been referred to as “Office 12,” the next version of Office has been officially named. And the new name is: “Office 2007“.

ZDNet has a good article providing the details on what bundles will be, some of the new options and of course the official name. Check it all out here.

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Instant Latte!!!

Life just got a bit better! While I am not a coffee connoisseur, I enjoy good flavor and something nice and hot while working backstage. Of course being backstage does not afford many opportunities to find a good coffee drink. But now a hot latte is always in my bag! Enter Wolfgang Pucks’ self heating can.

Pull the lid off the bottom – push in the tab to release the heating chemical reaction – wait 5 minutes – open the top and enjoy a hot Mocha or Carmel Latte!
WolfGang Puck Instant Hot Latte!
And if you’re really curious, here’s a review with photos of the can in action.

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Movies from PowerPoint

I have just added a project write-up and movie that was ‘authored’ in PowerPoint. It is a good example of how PowerPoint is moving beyond PowerPoint and evolving into much more than slides for a presentation. Check it out here.

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Work Can Have Its Perks

We all have some perks from our profession. For me one recently occurred. I was asked to clean up the presentations for a corporate event and optimize the 40+ movie files so they would actually play when needed. All the work went great, but the producer called and requested I be there one evening to pick up some additional files – a bit of an inconvenience, but I agreed. When I arrived I was treated to a very cool, very candid Lance Armstrong speaking to a small group – A VERY COOL PERK!
Lance Armstrong - up close and personal

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Jensen Harris on Office 12 User Interface (Ribbon)

I have been fortunate to have behind-the-scenes interaction with Microsoft’s PowerPoint development team. And I am admitting that the new “Ribbon” toolbar has some incredible ideas, innovation and research. But I also have a few reservations, so I am anxious to see what the final version ends up with customization capabilities (the developers at MS are revising it nearly daily).

If you are curious about the new ribbon and want some behind-the-scenes info and sneak peaks, visit Microsoft’s Jensen Harris’ Blog. I have been checking it for the past several weeks and some of the items I personally had concerns about have been covered (and resolved!). Check it out here.

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Get World Wide Stereotypes from the WWW for Your Next Presentation…?

For your presentation you want to show how the world views a country, city or anything. Makes sense that the WORLD Wide Web could provide a world consensus on how something is viewed – right… While I am not going to recommend this for your next presentation, it does prove interesting (and I am sure a bit skewed).

Here is the resulting ‘Prejudice Map‘ that is subtitled “According to Google, people in the world are known for…” that Google Blogoscoped created.
Here is an example google search that was used to create the ‘German’ stereotype.

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2006 Detroit Auto Show Kia Presentation

Today the presentation I have been working on for the past several weeks went off great! The Detroit Auto Show hosts “press days” before it opens to the public. On these days all of the auto manufacturers wow the press with keynote speeches, incredible staging and unveiling of new cars and of course great PowerPoint presentations! This year I am working with Kia as they recap their steady growth and unveil the new “Soul” concept sport utility vehicle.

Just two posts ago I mentioned OfficeFX for it motion backgrounds, transitions and text antialiasing. I used it extensively on this presentation.

Troy @ TLC

Here are a few photos of my work at the ’06 Auto Show: (more…)

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