Clark Consulting (Portfolio)

12/06/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Portfolio

Clark Consulting asked TLC Creative Services to help with a presentation makeover on their slides for an important meeting presentation. After reviewing the files we expanded the project to include an update to the PowerPoint template to set it up correctly, all formatting options preset, optimized and ready for real use. Here a few before-and-after slides from the project.

- Troy @ TLC


What Has Been Happening at TLC?

12/06/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal

As many have noticed the past month or so, ThePowerPointBlog has been a bit inconsistent in posts. It is definitely not for a lack of topics (actually I have a list of over 70 topics for posts!). We have been busy with so many great projects that there just has not been enough time in the days to get to everything. Leading up to Christmas I am posting a series some of our recent projects (which is not as easy as I would like with all of the company confidential material we work with).

- Troy @ TLC


Themed Lorum Ipsum Text! Pirate - Corporate - Coffee - and More!!

12/02/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Resource/Misc, Software/Add-Ins

Lorum Ipsum, or Greeked Text, is placeholder text that has no meaning. Its purpose is to demonstrate how text will look in a layout, in a specific font, size and color. It is also, very helpful for PowerPoint templates and foundation presentations.

Traditional Lorum Ipsum text is a nonsensical latin (created by a 1st century Latin text by Cicero), and looks like this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In lacus nisi, tincidunt non purus vel, hendrerit imperdiet urna. Mauris in mattis eros. Nulla ligula arcu, pretium eget justo nec, cursus rhoncus lectus. Nullam eu est blandit, faucibus elit at, pellentesque lectus. Maecenas a vulputate mauris. Donec quis dictum metus. Phasellus at nisi tempus mauris sollicitudin fermentum. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus.

For the above text I used the Lorem Ipsum text generator at (see this January 2007 post).

But that can be boring and TLC is a creative company. So we were very excited about discovering "Meet the Ipsums"! is a text generator for dozens of themed "greeking" text, such as coffee ipsum, cat ipsum, Zombie Ipsum, Canada Ipsum, and more!

Here is a personal favorite - Pirate ipsum:

Belaying pin chase coxswain list transom gally pillage broadside furl capstan. Hail-shot aft fore Davy Jones' Locker careen killick mutiny weigh anchor bilge rat Nelsons folly. Chandler poop deck Blimey six pounders Buccaneer clap of thunder ye Barbary Coast keel Gold Road. Cable doubloon avast grapple interloper hang the jib boom heave down Sea Legs barkadeer.

Even better - not from a productivity vantage, but definitely better for fun and amusement - is each Ipsum webpage is themed. Here is the interface for generating the above Pirate Ipsum text:

Next time you have a project that needs Lorum Ipsum text, check out!

- Troy @ TLC


Thanksgiving 2013 - We are Thankful!

11/28/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal

This time of year has been full of many events for several of here at TLC. Some sad, some happy. I am very thankful for the fantastic team we have, the incredible list of clients, and awesome office we create from!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving with family and friends,
Troy @ TLC


Oops - says the "designer"

11/22/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Resource/Misc, Personal

DISCLAIMER: this is NOT a TLC project, just something left on the door of my residence.

Oops, guess the designer did not think the restaurant name would be missed when the door hanger die the printer spec'd was used.

This is printed really well; good stock, ink coverage, aqueous coating, trim and die. But the design obviously did not account for the die that put a hole where the company name was. Looking closer, other design questions come up; what is the capitalization standard? What is the punctuation standard? Were 7 font styles too many?

I hear it very often, about how someone's nephew is great with the computer and designed the company brochure - the guy in the end cubicle on the 4th floor has Photoshop on his computer and can create the event banner - the IT department is setting up the webpage (the registration backend page) and has been asked to also create the PowerPoint template.

These people are great and often creative. The downside is when the general person does not know, or understand, the technical needs of the design, the company branding, or just good design principles the results are not ideal. A company's image suffers, users with improperly setup files suffer, or money is just wasted....

- Troy @ TLC


Time at Microsoft with the PowerPoint Team

11/20/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal

This week I have been a guest at Microsoft's corporate campus in Bellevue, WA for an MVP Summit. I have spent each day in meetings with the PowerPoint program managers, devs and other PowerPoint MVPs. This proves to always be an insightful time and a good investment of my time. Just a few photos from the past few days:

- Troy @ TLC


Cut off part of a video in PowerPoint using Trim

11/18/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial

PowerPoint has made the trips over to video editing software less and less with the new tools. One of the tedious items was changing the in/out point of videos. That is where the video starts and ends. This can now be easily set in PowerPoint.

1. Here is my sample video. For an easy visual, it is a countdown from 10 to 0. But I need a video that counts down from 5 to 0.

2. Select the video, and in the Video Tools/Playback tab, click TRIM VIDEO.

3. The Trim Video dialog box opens showing the selected video AND the start and stop points.

4. Sliding the green start point marker to the right adjusts where the video will begin playing from. I just slide until I see the number 5 on the video.

5. Now the slide shows the start of the video at the needed location and the presentation is set to go (all without opening a video editing application!).

- Troy @ TLC


PowerPoint As a Video Editor - Combine Video Clips

11/16/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial

PowerPoint has some very good video features, such as the ability to play multiple video formats, embed videos into the slide deck file, visually stylize the video and export video from the PowerPoint.

It is the export video feature that is being used for this tutorial.
Here are three videos that are inserted into PowerPoint 2013.

Each video is set to auto play, one after the other.

Then go to FILE.


The result is a single video file that was previously 3 separate videos.

- Troy @ TLC


Watermark Images Direct in PowerPoint

11/14/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial

Watermarking an image is common in several scenarios. Identifying who owns the image and copyright and indicating it is a low resolution 'proof' image are the two most common watermarking scenarios I see.

TLC Creative Services has a large library of royalty free images and subscribes to image sites which make developing visual presentations much easier. In both cases our designers can download the low res, watermarked version of the image(s) they want to use in the presentation. Then when the client approves the images, they can download the high resolution version of each image and replace the images throughout the presentation. Of course this routine takes a lot design time and it displays the company watermark vs. a generic watermark.

Note: "FPO" is an design industry standard phrase, "For Placement Only".

TLC Creative Services does all of our watermarking direct in PowerPoint.

1. Here is our slide layout with high res (optimized for use in PowerPoint) image. But we do not release the slides with usable image until it has been approved.

2. Here is our PowerPoint stylize "FPO" text box.

3. We paste the "FPO" text box onto each slide and position over the image.

4. We then select the image and FPO text box and copy them.

5. Next we delete the image and FPO text box.

6. We then PASTE SPECIAL as a .png (this assures quality and eliminates issues if the text box extended paste the image).

7. This adds a new image to the slide that is watermarked.

8. We position the new watermarked image on the slide.

9. Last, we do a SAVE AS so the "real" presentation with the high res images is not lost.


1 of 36 (PowerPoint MVPs Worldwide)

11/08/13 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal

Last month I was very excited to announce Microsoft extended the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for PowerPoint recognition to me for another year, my 10th year. A few people asked how many MVPs for PowerPoint there are.

On the Microsoft MVP site it lists 36 PowerPoint experts in the MVP program. Later this month I will be on the Microsoft campus in Washington state with many of the other MVPs in sessions with the PowerPoint Program Managers and Devs going over feature requests, issues and providing insight into real-world use of PowerPoint.

- Troy @ TLC


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I work with PowerPoint on a daily basis and I am very honored to be a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP. We have a talented team of presentation designers at TLC Creative Services and ThePowerPointBlog is our area to highlight PowerPoint tips, tricks, examples and tutorials. Enjoy!

Troy Chollar

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