Christmas Animation Using 3D Model

Just having some holiday fun here at TLC Creative. Christie, on the TLC Creative design team, created this fun Christmas Animation using 3D (the Gingerbread house), holiday background image and PowerPoint text & graphics.

Using only Morph transitions for the motion, this animation was accomplished in just 7 slides.

Christmas Animation Using 3D

Throughout January, The PowerPoint Blog is showcasing all 3D model use in PowerPoint.

Troy @ TLC

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Using PowerPoint Creatively

Some amazing results can be achieved by using PowerPoint creatively. This slide developed by the TLC Creative Services design team is a great example.

To develop this slide, we started with this mountain range image.

Using PowerPoint Creatively  1

Then, we used PowerPoint’s Remove Background feature to eliminate the sky area.

Using PowerPoint Creatively 2

Then we searched VideoBlocks for a timelapse clouds video and selected this video.

By positioning the video behind the mountain range image, we did not worry about the green grass and horizon (they are still there in the above slide, but hidden by the mountain).

Using PowerPoint Creatively  3

Last step was adding the stylized text. Complete!

Troy @ TLC

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PowerPoint Illustration – Thanksgiving Cornucopia!

Amber, on the TLC Creative design team, loves Adobe Illustrator and PowerPoint. We challenged her to build a full vector illustration in PowerPoint. The result is an amazing Thanksgiving cornucopia!

  • 478 slides
  • Everything about the cornucopia (took me 3 times to get that spelled correct!) developed inside PowerPoint
  • Exported as a video with no transition and .01 second timing to create the stop motion animation effect

Thanksgiving Cornucopia


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!

Troy @ TLC


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