4th of July 2012 Free PowerPoint Template

Amber, another great presentation designer here at TLC Creative Services, created this 4th of July themed PowerPoint template. It is free for all to download and use – just click here – 1.1MB.

– PPT 2010
– 16×9
– Master layouts include all the standards, plus a Theme layout and alternate full frame layout.

– Troy @ TLC

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Halloween Themed PowerPoint Template

Wanda, one of our talented TLC Creative designers, developed this great Halloween themed template we are sharing with everyone.

The template is native to PPT 2010, 16×9 aspect ratio and features several layouts including a great animated title slide (Note: All elements on the title slide from the background to the cauldron and hat were created in PowerPoint).
[youtube src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/pcN6Gtf4UuM?rel=0″]
Download the full template here:

– Troy @ TLC

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Custom Gradient Fill for Big Numbers

For this slide (see previous post for more info on it), I wanted the numbers to be a visual focal point. I also wanted to keep them as editable PPT text. By mixing the stylized text with more standard text, a nice slide layout was developed. The big number text was created by:

1. Make it big (this text is 125pt).

2. Give it a gradient fill – using colors that coordinate with the template color scheme.

3. Add a subtle outline (stroke) to the text to help it contrast for legibility.

4. Add a drop shadow.

The sample slide can be downloaded here.

– Troy @ TLC

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Review: PowerPoint To Go Free Templates

PowerPoint To Go (PPT-to-go.de) is a company based in Germany and offers a collection of PowerPoint templates that are free. The main categories are maps and nice looking 3D shapes in colorful layouts.

Unfortunately, we were not too impressed with the site. To access the free templates you must go through a registration process – for 1 template per month. While registering, the site timed out twice with a fatal error on the server being reported. It took four log in attempts before successfully accessing the downloads page. So the online experience was far from smooth.

The template downloaded is a .ppt (PPT 2003) and on our systems it opened with a corrupt file warning.

The thumbnail image on the download page was very different (and visually better) than the actual slide:

I had expected to see a full PowerPoint template with all of the master slide formatting preset. There is minimal template formatting in place and it is actually more jumbled than the MS default (and uses the German language dictionary).

Many of the thumbnails look great and I would recommend using just the content (map, 3D pyramid, etc.) by importing into your template and not using the PowerPoint to Go file as a template.

– Troy @ TLC

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Microsoft’s Office.com has Free PowerPoint Video Templates (Designed by Me!)

Microsoft’s Office.com has launched a really great new download option for PowerPoint video templates and slides. For TLC Creative Services, it is especially exciting as I was able to work with the Office.com team to create the first set of video templates! The 34 templates available were all created right here and available to everyone for free – visit the Microsoft Office Video Templates page here.

The goal of these templates (note – most are single slide examples, not true presentation templates) is to “showcase the great video features of PowerPoint 2010. …these video templates provide customers with detailed instructions for how to reproduce the creative effects on the slide. Customers may then use the templates to customize with their own videos.” I definitely expect to see this resource continue to grow, so keep it bookmarked.

– Troy @ TLC

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New Look to iStockphoto Website

Last week iStockphoto was updated with a redesigned site for faster and easier access to content with an updated navigation scheme. There is now a static toolbar to access things like credit balance, shopping cart and lightboxes.

There are now separate landing pages for photography, illustrations, video, audio and Flash files for faster, more focused searches.

Designing presentations can use lots of images, so searching made easier is a good thing for all presentations!

Tip: If purchasing iStockphoto credits, first do a web search for “istockphoto discount code” as 10-20% discount codes are plentiful.

– Troy @ TLC

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2011 4th of July PowerPoint 16×9 Template

The 4th of July weekend was great! Lots of relaxing, time with family and grilling. This template is posted after the weekend, so everyone is very prepared for next year! This is a full featured 4th of July themed PowerPoint 2010 template that is setup for widescreen (16×9) presentations.

1 = Theme slide
2 = Title slide
3 = Content slide, and all standard layouts based on this one

Download the template here.

– Troy @ TLC

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Vertical Lines and Masked AreasTemplate

This is a template developed for a recent project. It is a very visual template with rich, dark color scheme and great contrast of the vertical lines background to the horizontal lines of content. The same vertical line background is used on all master layouts. The primary design element used is adding masks of varying opacity and color over sections of the vertical line background to allow the content to stand out and be legible.

– Troy @ TLC

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Raining Medication Template

Another presentation template in the series of talks on Medication in today’s environment was this visually fun template. The template goals were lots of content area, clean lines and visually conveying the concept of growth of the overwhelming number of medication options. The final template featured all of the formatting master layouts and formatting options preset with trees to represent continuous growth and raining medication on the title slide.

– Troy @ TLC

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