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Adobe Color Wheel – A Color Scheme Shortcut!

Adobe Color is a web app that creates color themes using color theory modes or pulled from uploaded photos. There is also the Adobe color community where the color schemes others have created are available to use.

For this post I created 3 color schemes to explore the different color theory bases. Within the Adobe Color app a “base” color, is the one color that stays consistent when changing to different color theory modes. There are 9 color theory modes (+ “custom”).

The first color scheme started with the center tan color as the base color and used the COMPLIMENTARY color theory model. After a few minutes of adjusting, this is where I landed:

For the second color scheme, I kept the base color the same tan color, but changed the color theory model to SPLIT COMPLIMENTARY. The result shifted to this color scheme:

For the third color scheme, I went back to the first COMPLIMENTARY color scheme and changed the base color from the tan to the 4th slot, teal. I then changed the color theory from COMPLIMENTARY to the SPLIT COMPLIMENTARY Color Theory model used in the second color scheme. It may sound like a lot, but this new color scheme was created in just a few clicks in the Adobe Color app:

One big note about using the Adobe Color app for PowerPoint color schemes. Adobe Color creates a theme of 5 colors. Of course PowerPoints color scheme is based on 6 accent colors. So Adobe Color only goes so far when looking to create a PowerPoint color scheme – the 6th color will need to be figured out, outside of the Adobe Color app.

The EXPLORE area is great for looking at lots of ideas and finding preset color themes. Here I went to the EXPLORE tab and searched for “Teal” which created a mood board style layout of images, illustrations and preset Adobe Color color schemes.

Clicking any of the example color schemes (I clicked the one highlighted in the above image), gives all the details about the colors used.

The ACCESSIBILITY TOOLS are very interesting and currently provide feedback on a color scheme for Color Blind Safe color combinations and can run a contrast checker.

Go the Adobe Color app here.

Troy and Amber @ TLC

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The Better Deck Deck!

I’ve got mine, do you have yours!

The Better Deck Deck created by Nolan Haims is a great presentation design resource. 52 cards (okay, technically 53 if the information card is counted) showing 3 slide design makeovers on each card for a lot of presentation slide design inspiration. Details here.

Troy @ TLC

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Greetings from Scotland

Last week in Florida with a group of presentation people (at the 2021 Presentation Summit), and this week in Scotland experiencing the UK! So what is the PowerPoint – Scotland connection? Same as all corporate events, being the behind the scenes presentation expert to assemble daily master show files assuring the speaker supplied slides all seamlessly integrate (page size, fonts, linked media and more – ugh!), then supplying the computers and running the presentations. After a year + of virtual only events, it is great to be travelling and onsite with people again!

Troy @ TLC

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A View of the 2021 Presentation Summit!

This week has been great! Being together with people, in person! Presentation people! And at the beach!

So much great content. So many amazing conversations. Several fantastic podcast recording sessions. Opportunity to present on presentation design (both Lori and Troy). And being a part of the conference team providing the onsite technology equipment and live stream AV team. A week of little rest, but huge rewards!

Troy @ TLC

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Create Presentations? Listen to this Episode of The Presentation Podcast!

What do presentation designers do when they need to create a presentation for themselves? Do we follow our own best practices, or do we take shortcuts? Troy, Nolan and Sandy are joined by Lori Chollar of TLC Creative Services, and as a group we to explore that question – and there are terrific tips and ah-ha moments for everyone during this episode!


episode 134

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Be on the Presentation Guild Board!

The Presentation Guild has announced that next year’s Board of Directors elections with occur soon, and anyone that is a Presentation Guild member (and if you read this blog, you should be!) is welcome to nominate themself, or any other Guild member.

More information, and the nomination form, here.

Troy @ TLC

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A Cool PowerPoint Gradient

As we approach the 2021 Presentation Summit, I am finalizing my session talks (and packing equipment for our team to coordinate all live streaming of the entire conference – don’t miss the fun!). One of my talks is on using PowerPoint gradients as a design tool within PowerPoint. The gradients tool is very robust and over the years I have found myself less and less in Adobe Illustrator or even Photoshop, creating gradient styling elements, in favor of staying inside PowerPoint and having the gradients be editable there. Well, I am not giving away the talk (it is going to be good!), but I am highlighting one of the gradient examples our design team created, because it is amazing!

This beautiful slide background is 100% created in PowerPoint. It is a very creative use of PowerPoint gradients, and multiple overlapping PowerPoint shapes. As example, here is one of the vertical bands pulled from the background composite. It has a gradient fill created with 5 gradient stops, at a custom angle, and with varying opacity per gradient section.

On its own, the above gradient is not spectacular. It is technical, but not really amazing. The full background is a composite of 11 PowerPoint shapes over a white background slide to create a wonderful slide background.

For inspiration, the editable slide can be downloaded HERE.

Troy @ TLC

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Noun Project PowerPoint Add-in Does .SVG Images!

The Noun Project is the first 3rd party plugin we have seen that enables .svg images to be added direct to slides (others insert .png images). Which makes it exciting to say “The inserted icons are now vector .svg!”

Note noun project is a nominal annual fee ($40). It is a web adding, go to the insert tab select “Get Add-ins” and search for “Noun Project”.

The add in is found on the insert tab and clicking the ICONS button opens a right action pane that shows the Noun Project library.

If you have not paid for the service, you will see the icons that are locked.

Search for an icon category or key words. Click the selected icon, then click the INSERT ICON button.

All icons insert as vector .svg graphics. Resize large or small with no quality loss. select and change the fill color, outline, apply styling effects. Ungroup the icon in order to enable the ability to edit the shape(s)!

Christie @ TLC

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