ToolsToo v10 Available!

The ToolsToo PowerPoint add-in recently released a big update, version

We run this add-in on all design computers at TLC Creative and find many features invaluable. Here on ThePowerPointBlog ToolsToo has been reviewed and referenced several times (most recent full review looks like it was in 2016, here).

Version 10 has several new features that I have been experimenting with:

  • REMOVE DESIGN ELEMENTS: this is pretty cool. 1 click to remove all non-placeholder content on slide master and slide layouts. This includes placed images (full background, logos, etc.), placed PowerPoint shapes/lines/text boxes/basically everything but the placeholders.
    • For me so far, I would like to see this tool expanded to be able to just strip out content from a selected slide layout (vs. every layout in a file).
  • HIDE ALL BUT SELECTED: Actually, not certain if this is brand new, but it is a huge time saver when designing. Select 1 or more elements on a slide, use this tool to turn them off in the Selection Pane, without opening the Selection Pane! One step further is the option to do the opposite, select 1 or more elements and hide (or turn off in the Selection Pane) everything not selected!
    • Also, each tool can be separately added to the QAT
  • TOOL CHAINS: Basically, this allows every user to create their own multi-action custom VBA code. It is constrained to using only Toolstool PowerPoint tools (I am hopeful that this great feature will expand to allow native PowerPoint tools and maybe even other 3rd party tools be included in a chain – please!).
    • The interface for creating Chains is simple. Find the tool on the left, add to the right column, adjust order on right, give the Chain of actions a name and save.

Note: ToolsTool is a PowerPoint for Windows add-in (no Mac version option and does not work with PowerPoint for Web).

Get more information at the ToolsToo website here. ToolsTool is $20 and not only an amazing set of productivity tools, but an amazing value!

Troy @ TLC

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Teams – Presenter View Grid View

While presenting in Teams via PowerPoint Live, there is a grid view of your presentation so you can see an overview of slides. To show Grid View, you can click the icon in the toolbar under the slides or use the short key G to bring up.

The important thing to know if the audience continues to see the current slide full screen. They do not see the slide sort, or Grid View. In grid view the active slide that the audience is seeing is highlighted with an orange outline.

As the presenter, you can click any slide to make that the active presentation slide (eg. go out of order). Or click the X in the upper right hand corner to close Grid View and continue presenting the current active slide.

Troy @ TLC

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Teams – Customize the Teams Presenter View Layout

The Teams version of Presenter View is based on the PowerPoint desktop Presenter View (which needs improvement). Fortunately the Teams dev team is able to pick some of the best part of Presenter View, ignore some of the areas that are not well executed, and add some new features (that are needed in the desktop Presenter View!). At this time, in the Teams Presenter View, if you do not need the presenter notes, the film strip thumbnails along the bottom or Presenter View tools – a presenter can easily hide them.

The default view when presenting a PowerPoint presentation in Teams, is presenter view. Notes are displayed to the right and the film strip thumbnails along the bottom.

If you don’t have any notes or do not need to see the slide thumbnails, there is an option to show slides only. Do this by clicking the 3 dot menu under the active slide (1) and click “Hide Presenter View” (2).

Now the slides are larger, front, and center. You still have access to the tools if needed.

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Teams – What is “Standout” Mode?

A new feature in Teams, is the Standout mode while presenting. This is a very cool feature, and I am certain just the start of a technology shift that will become a trend in presenting. Standout Model allows your webcam to be superimposed OVER the slides while you’re presenting. AND, it uses a digital green screen to only show you, the presenter on top of your presentation slides.

Here is how to do it.

  1. With your webcam turned on, click the Standout button (second icon in the Presenter Mode section at the top of the screen).
  2. Now your video feed is super imposed over your slides (1) and your regular teams camera view (2) is turned off. Teams will automatically remove your background.

Note: the digital green screen is not going to produce perfect results. Green screen technology itself relies on profession, even lighting – something most office and desk setups do not have. And the digital part of the digital green screen technology is still new and the code will get better and detecting edges and separating the presenter from the background.

Troy @ TLC

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Teams – What, The Audience Can See ALL of My Slides!

This is a feature – and one we at TLC Creative are not fond of (at least as the default behavior). While sharing a PowerPoint presentation in Teams, participants can scroll through your slides out of sync from you. This means anyone in the meeting can move through your slides, forward or back, away from the slide you are currently speaking to. They can see ahead, effectively ruining any big reveal. They can be distracted looking at other slide content and not focusing on you and the your presentation. AND, this is the default behavior when you present a slide deck in Teams!

To disable this function, click the eyeball icon next to the “Stop Presenting” button

The eye icon will now have a line through it, indicating it is now disabled.

Troy @ TLC

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Windows 11 Date Calculator!

I am getting familiar with Windows 11 and discovered this gem. I am assuming it is new with Windows 11, but maybe it has been there for awhile and I have been missing out!

Here is the Windows calculator (I seem to use it multiple times each day).

Clicking the upper left menu shows the list of various types of calculators. I discovered the DATE RANGE calculator function, and I am thrilled!

Select DATE CALCULATION. Pick a starting date and an end date from calendar pickers. The bottom row instantly displays the number of days in the range selected. No more counting days in the Outlook calendar!!

Troy @ TLC

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Convert Keynote file to PowerPoint File Online, Free and Fast!

Do I know Apple Keynote for Presentation design? Absolutely!

Is Apple Keynote your main presentation design app? No, not for a long time.

Can I give you a Keynote file? Absolutely, but all of our Mac computers are at the studio and everyone is working remote, so I will convert the file to PowerPoint.

Now, the big question is, how do you convert an Apple Keynote file to PowerPoint if you do not have a Mac computer available? The answer is easy – and free – and fast – and very accurate conversion! I use cloudconvert, an online file convert app. The website lists they support “nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation formats.” And I have used this resource for many file types – and just last week, for converting another Keynote presentation to PowerPoint format so I could integrate a presenters slides into the master show presentation (which is being run in PowerPoint).

Go to

In the CONVERT menu select PRESENTATION and KEY (Keynote)

In the TO menu select PPTX (PowerPoint)



When done processing, download the .pptx version of the presentation to work with (knowing the conversion process does not provide a full feature PowerPoint template file, no matter how good or bad the Keynote file is setup).

Troy @ TLC

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SlideWise – Turn Off Auto-open

Starting with Slidewise v1.2, the default is for Slidewise to auto open with each presentation opened. For some, this is good. For me, I want to focus on the slides and open Slidewise when I need it. So, how do we turn off the auto open setting?

Go to the SLIDEWISE tab and click the PREFERENCES button to open the Slidewise Preferences dialog. The middle option, “show the slidewise pane when opening a presentation” is checked. Now, for me, unchecking this, click OK and closing PowerPoint to lock in the settings, did not work. Opening the next presentation, Slidewise again auto launched – frustrating.**

**Note: in talking with the good people at Neuxpower (developer of Slidewise), this behaviour of the Preferences not sticking was a v1.2 bug and resolved with v1.3 and above. Because I have already applied the below registry update, and then updated to v1.3, I cannot confirm the preference settings now stick and work, so the below may be informational and not needed at this point! (as of this post date, slidewise v1.3 is available)

I am guessing my experience is not isolated as Neuxpower has a specialty action tool to force Slidewise to not open. Go to the Neuxpower website’s Slidewise support page here.

Download the “DisableAutoOpen.reg” installed that will change the Slidewise OS registry to force it to not auto launch (there is also a download installer that re-enables the auto launch in the registry if needed). Follow the instructions on the webpage to install.

Troy @ TLC

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Slidewise v1.3 is Here!

First, if you work with presentations from others, I highly recommend having Slidewise installed. For those not familiar with this add-in, Slidewise is the asset manager that PowerPoint has been missing (and it is not for a lack of everyone asking Microsoft for a presentation asset manager!).

As example, this slide deck uses 3 fonts, has 4 images, has 1 audio file, and 1 video file. All of these details instantly summarized in a single window – the Slidewise info pane. In addition, we can instantly see the file size of everything and expand to see individual assets.

Neuxpower has released v1.2 and v1.3 in rapid succession, and things just get better with each version! Here are a few of my observations on the new version:

The HOME tab now has a show/hide button to bring up Slidewise (same button as on the Slidewise tab, just now also available on the Home tab)

There is now a separate Master slide tab to identify what slides use what master layout. As example, this sample slide deck has 1 master slide, and only 1 master layout. Slidewise displays this in the SLIDE MASTERS tab (1 slide master, 25 slides using the 1 master layout)

And my favorite feature, which has been in Slidewise since release, is it’s REPLACE FONT system! First, find random fonts with Slidewise identifying the exact slide and exact object where the font is used (amazing!). In addition, the Slidewise Replace Font system is not limited by the single-byte vs double-byte file issue that PowerPoint’s native replace font cannot.

If you have Slidewise, I definitely recommend installing the updated v1.3. Download here.

Get all the info about slidewise at the Neuxpower website here.

Troy @ TLC

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Talk to Your Slides!

With everyone working remote, I have found myself using more dictation and voice command options than I was in our design studio (where everyone could overhear, and be distracted by, my “conversations” with my computer). Microsoft Office, and specifically PowerPoint, has a really good voice-to-text tool called “Dictate”. It is super easy to use, and I find it almost perfect on converting me talking to my slide to text on the slide.

Of note: in the demo video I am using the Windows desktop version of PowerPoint. The same feature is on Mac and PowerPoint for web.

Troy @ TLC

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